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    Tax Planning

    Tax Planning Los Angeles

    Minimizing your tax impact is a smart wealth-preservation strategy. Our tax planning services can help you navigate the changing landscape of state and federal obligations. There may be a wealth of legitimate dedications you can take advantage of. Call our investment services advisor to give you year-round advice as a vital step in overall financial planning.

    Are you taking advantage of all the deductions and credits you can? Part of our financial planning goal is to legally minimize your federal obligation and preserve the assets that you have worked so diligently to build. You do not need to worry about forms, paperwork and the impact of legislation. Leave it to us. Our founder, Tim Geisbauer, MBA, CFP®, and the tax attorney we work with will prepare you for the next return time and well beyond.

    Tax Planning for All Phases of Your Life

    Before you retire, you should take advantage of the full benefits tax-deferred and tax-free growth can offer. After you retire, you will want to maximize the value of your income. And you will want to minimize the impact of passing along assets to your heirs. We can help you plan a strategy.

    Basically, there are three overall ways to minimize your tax impact. We begin by analyzing your financial situation and then forming a plan that may include: reducing your income, taking advantage of deductions and taking advantage of tax credits.

    Reducing Your Income
    Your adjusted gross income is the most important measure of your finances; it directly impacts your tax rates and tax credits. The higher your total income, the higher your adjusted gross income and the higher your bill will be. As tax planning specialists, we can help you identify ways to reduce your income through deductions and credits.

    Are You Leveraging All Possible Deductions?
    Call us to discuss ways to reduce income by taking full advantage of any deductions to which you are entitled, such as state and personal property taxes, mortgage interest, and charitable donations. Other key ways include contributions that are related to savings for retirement. These include 401(k)s and IRAs.

    If you are one of the many young people who borrowed money to pay for college, you need not become a statistic. Student loan interest can be deducted from your taxes - giving you an early start toward smart lifetime financial planning.

    Take Advantage of Tax Credits
    After examining your income from all sources, our tax planning service can identify credits that may reduce your overall bill including earned income credit (EIC), retirement savings vehicles and college expenses. The requirements are changing. We provide you with the latest information aimed at helping you build wealth. A plan will be created for you exclusively.

    Increase Your Withholding
    It may amount to more money out of your paycheck each pay period, but increasing your withholding allowance can yield a larger refund when April 15 rolls around. We can show you how to set up a home filing system and software that can help you keep track of your finances easily.

    Saving for the future involves keeping more of what you earn each year. No matter what your situation is - stable or facing a major life change - our comprehensive tax planning and investment services are here to help you. Your net worth is not what’s important to us. We believe in helping individuals at all points of the spectrum reap the maximum benefits of what they earn.

    Tax Audit Los Angeles

    We can help you with the planning and execution of tax strategies that won't leave you guessing what to do. These days the stakes are too high and the landscape is rife with change. Let us help you navigate your way through and build a solid financial future.

    Not Just Tax Planning

    We can also help you with retirement planning, overall financial investment, life insurance and education planning. We aim to forge long-term relationships with our clients through integrity and exceptional service. Get in touch today and learn more about tax planning for now and the future.

    Tim W. Geisbauer is a Registered Representative with and securities and advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA/SIPC.

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