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    Estate Planning

    Estate Planning Los Angeles

    It's never too early to consider estate planning to ensure your final wishes are carried out. While no one likes to think about death, it's vital to think about the lives that you leave behind. It's smart financial planning. Geisbauer Wealth Management aims to keep your estate where you want it to be, in the hands of your designees - not the state coffer.

    No matter how large or modest, everyone has an estate. It can include your house, vehicles, jewelry, bank accounts and financial investments. These are collectively known as assets, and it is important to preserve them for the people or institutions you want to receive them.

    Will your assets be divided exactly the way you want them to be? Will your loved ones be cared for? Our experienced team, including a tax attorney we work with, can guide you and help you review critical documents:

    • Your will
    • Power of attorney assignment
    • Living will or medical power of attorney
    • Your trust
    • Life insurance

    Your Wealth Doesn't Matter
    Many people don't think they earn enough to bother with estate planning; that it's only for the wealthy. The fact is, families of modest means stand more to lose if they do not make arrangements for death or incapacity. The courts will decide how much of your estate your spouse receives, who raises your children and who gets your every possession. On top of that, settling these matters can take a very long time.

    You do have a choice if you act promptly.

    Estate Planning Experience and Guidance

    Our estate planning team will walk you through the process of securing your loved ones’ future and come up with a completely individualized plan of action. Geisbauer Wealth Management has been helping families like yours carry out their final wishes for more than a decade, and we strongly believe it's not something that needs to wait for "someday."

    We understand no one likes to talk about death and money; but putting your directives into place with caring estate planners is far less heartache than dealing with cold form letters from tax collectors and probate court. It is the ultimate gift to your loved ones to take care of it now.

    Two Goals of Estate Planning

    The first goal of estate planning is to reduce probate costs and estate taxes to the greatest extent possible.

    An equally important part of the plan is to provide for the people and things you care most about: minor children, spouse or partner, parents, favorite charity and even treasured pets. Estate planning not only reduces the uncertainties that surround the probate process; it helps you provide for what is important to you.

    As an investment services company, our goal is to help you grow and retain the value of your assets. When you pass on, we want to help you disburse the full amount of your estate according to your instructions. Our team wants to reduce legal fees, court costs, taxes and other expenses your loved ones will incur. In short, we want to ensure that your wishes will be carried out on no uncertain terms.

    Power of Attorney

    A Private Matter
    If you fail to plan for the people and institutions you value, the state will be happy to do it for you. If you are severely disabled with no hope of recovery, courts will designate a conservatorship to care for your family and handle your affairs - not the people you choose. Probate and medical powers of attorney also become public matters, and that is not what most people have in mind.

    It's impossible to know what the future holds, but it is possible to control it through professional estate planning. It is a crucial part of the broader investment services we offer.

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